Briana Griffin, Entrepreneur


Briana Griffin is a 22 year old mother of 3. Shortly after Briana oldest son started walking; Briana found out that she was pregnant with twins. She came to YEZ completely devastated! She was contemplating everything from suicide to abortion. At which time Briana was referred to My Life Clinic where she made the life changing decision to keep her babies. Briana returned to YEZ in February when the twins were 6 weeks and her oldest son was 11 months. She was filled with joy, excitement and disbelief all at the same time, when YEZ was able to partner with Nanny’s Neighborhood Daycare Center for a rate of $30 a week for all her babies! She had what she needed to move forward. To date: Ms. Briana is now only 3 months away from obtaining her LPN license. She thanks YEZ for all that was given to her family from gas cards, gift cards, paying for her childcare expense, and time that YEZ was there for her. She can’t wait to finish school and looks forward to partner with a doctor’s office one day that so that she can have her own clinic where she trains Nursing Assistance how to be C.N.A.