An exceptional, year-round program to ensure each and every child has a safe, healthy, supportive, educational environment that sets them on a successful path to school and college readiness. Our students are immersed in language – and not just English – and get to know and explore the world around them through exposure to math, science, technology, social studies and the arts. They participate in fun fitness activities and field trips and even learn the basics of health and nutrition, including health eating habits. We also get to know our families and their barriers and provide programs and support to teach our parents about child-development and engage them in getting their kids college ready. We meticulously track student progress throughout the year, holding teachers, administrators and families accountable for results, ensuring our teaching methods are data-driven, and giving students the individualized support they need for success. Because character development is a central component of our curriculum, our students also learn about and cultivate key traits such as integrity, perseverance, empathy, confidence and determination.